Legal Training

Legal Training for the community on Freedom of Religion or Belief in India is designed to empower individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the constitutional provisions and legal frameworks that safeguard the fundamental right to religious freedom. Through trainings, individuals gain insights into the intricacies of India's diverse religious landscape and learn how to navigate potential challenges related to hostility due to faith.

Legal Awareness Programs

A legal awareness program on freedom of religion is an organized initiative designed to educate individuals, communities, and stakeholders about the legal principles, constitutional provisions, and human rights pertaining to the freedom of religion or belief. The program aims to enhance the participants' understanding of the legal frameworks in place to protect and uphold the right to practice, profess, and propagate one's religion in a diverse society.

Through workshops, handouts, and interactive sessions, the program seeks to empower people with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster legal literacy and empower individuals to actively participate in safeguarding and promoting freedom of religion within the legal framework of their country.

Specialised Training

Presents an overview of the Indian constitution stressing the provisions of part 3 of the constitution which deal with fundamental rights. It also includes sections Relating to Violence and Freedom of Religion Acts and various sections under the criminal procedure code focusing on the rights of a person being arrested, provisions dealing with bail, how to file a criminal complaint, and key points to remember

Social Activists Training

ADF India organizes a three-day training workshop India Symposium for the Social Activists Fraternity (INSSAF) to equip and champion individuals who are passionate about providing support and relief to those who are being targeted for their faith.

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