Legal Aid

Protecting Religious Freedom and Saving Our Vanishing Girls

ADF India provides Legal Aid & Assistance through its panel of allied lawyers to:
Individuals and groups who have suffered discrimination, harassment, hostility and exclusion, on the basis of their religious belief, especially religious minorities, Dalits and Adivasis
Any minority group whose right to establish and administer educational institutions under Article 30 of the Indian Constitution is violated.
Women who are being forced to undergo sex- determination or sex - selective abortions
Mothers who suffer abuse from their husband’s family and others for choosing to give birth to girls
For more details on obtaining pro bono legal assistance through our panel of allied lawyers or if you are a lawyer and would like to be empaneled with us, please use the contact form below:

*Please know that pro bono legal aid is provided subject to the availability of allied lawyers empaneled with us at any given point in time. It may not be possible for ADF India to accept all requests for legal aid.
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