A two-day social activist’s program organized by ADF India and allied partners

Location: New Delhi
Date: Tuesday, 13 August to Thursday, 15 August 2024. 
INSSAF 2024 is a consultation cum training for individuals who are passionate about providing vital support to religious minorities who are being targeted for their faith.  
Selected participants will have the opportunity to examine the foundations of religious freedom as in the Constitution of India. They will also have the opportunity to explore solutions for some of the most pressing concerns and trends in the concerned states within North and Northeast India in the present scenario. 
The program includes panel sessions led by experts who will share their unique perspectives on addressing these issues on a national and regional level. Furthermore, the program will equip participants to join an alliance of like-minded activists and empower them to provide better legal support and relief to victims.  
Please forward this information to any other eligible and likeminded contacts, encouraging them to also apply. 

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