• Protecting Life & Liberty
    ADF India is an alliance building legal advocacy organization that protects fundamental freedoms and promotes the inherent dignity of all people.

Your Religious Freedom Matters

The Indian Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion of all persons. ADF India partners with allied lawyers across the country to protect this right and to ensure that no one is targeted for their faith.

Saving Our 
Vanishing Girls

The Vanishing Girls campaign aims to eradicate 
sex-selective abortion and save the lives of thousands of girls who are killed in the womb every day. We advocate for the strict enforcement of the Prohibition of Sex-Selection Act.

How We Respond

Legal Aid
We provide legal aid and assistance to defend life and liberty inside and outside the courts of law.
Legal Awareness
We conduct trainings to empower citizens and communities to know their constitutional and legal rights and remedies.
Building Alliances
We build alliances with like-minded individuals and organizations across the nation.

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