ADF India was established in 2012 as an alliance building human rights organization that advocates for religious freedom and the sanctity of human life. We are shaping an India in which human dignity and fundamental freedoms are robustly protected and culturally embraced by achieving lasting, positive change in the legal system and culture.

Your Religious Freedom Matters

The Indian Constitution guarantees every individual’s freedom of religion as well as the freedom of religion of a group. Ours being a secular country, the state is religion neutral and keeps equidistance from all religions. Article 25 clearly guarantees that all persons (including non-citizens) will have the freedom to profess, practice and propagate one’s religion. Despite a rich tradition and legal framework that supports freedom of conscience and the right to practice, profess, and promote the religion of one’s choice, religious minorities in India find themselves frequent victims of targeted violence. ADF India partners with allied lawyers across the country to secure victories for religious freedom.

Saving Our Vanishing Girls

“We need to adopt a model of LIFE for all girls – Love, Inheritance, Freedom and Equality. The girls in our families and those yet unborn, need advocates who will love them, ensure that they have equal rights to family property as their brothers, their freedoms are protected and promoted and that they are treated with equal dignity and respect.”
Tehmina Arora, Director, ADF India

ADF India launched the Vanishing Girls Campaign to counter the practice of sex selective abortions and show that all girls across India need love, care, and an equal opportunity to experience all that life has to offer.

The campaign advocates for the effective implementation of the Pre-Conception Pre-Natal Diagnostics Technique (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994. This Act criminalized the disclosure of the sex of the foetus to the parents using sonography scans, otherwise done for periodic health-check of the foetus.

Since its launch in 2016, the Vanishing Girls campaign has impacted over 20,000 lives through our legal awareness and intervention initiatives.

How We Respond

Legal Aid

ADF India provides pro-bono legal support to protect every Indian’s right to life and liberty.

Legal Awareness

Community trainings : These trainings are day-long legal awareness workshops to train community members on Constitutional rights, minority rights and best practices. So far, ADF India has conducted over 515 legal trainings impacting over 43,000 lives
National Conferences : This platform provides a unique opportunity for like-minded partners, lawyers, social activists, church leaders and other reputed civil society members to come together and reflect on the importance of religious freedom and the sanctity of human life, and their respective correlation with other fundamental freedoms, including the right to freedom of expression and other basic human rights. These conferences are organised in different regions of the country throughout the year

Building Alliances

At ADF India, we recognize that there is strength in partnership. That’s why we focus on building alliances with lawyers and like-minded organizations and individuals, who we work with to develop comprehensive legal strategies.
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