30 October, 2021

The Sunday following Gandhi Jayanti saw the UCF Helpline buzzing without end as 20 incidents were reported and responded to. This is a record high for a single day since the inception of the helpline in 2015.

The reports, which had come in from all across the nation, included the widely covered Roorkee incident, where a church established back in 1988 was attacked, vandalised and brutally assaulted by a mob of over 250 religious extremists, several reports of service disruption, threats and assaults from states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, and two separate incidents from Karnataka of pastors being threatened (and even locked up in one of them), then detained by the police.

ADF India allied lawyers are assisting the victims in getting justice in these incidents of religious persecutions. Especially in the Roorkee incident, the Christians, slapped with serious charges (including robbery and molestation), are being assisted by ADF India allied lawyers in filing a petition in the Nainital High Court. In the two incidents in Karnataka, the pastors were released after ADF India allied lawyers intervened.

We request urgent prayers for the justice to prevail in our country and the people who are being targeted for their faith.