On 1st August, 2021, Pastor Aakrit* (name changed) and three Christians from Dewas district, Madhya Pradesh found themselves behind bars after a group of religious extremists barged into their church, disrupted the service and started threatening the congregants. This was just the beginning of the ordeal, as the religious extremists baselessly accused the Christians of forced conversions and subsequently, had them arrested. 

As soon as the incident was reported on the UCF Helpline (1800 208 4545), the ADF India team and allied lawyers intervened in the matter to contact the concerned authorities and file a bail application. Even while facing non-bailable charges such as IPC 295A, the victims did not lose faith in God and the justice system. The SDM Court, Dewas district first granted them bail, but due to immense pressure retracted the order, dismissing the bail. On 18th November 2021, the Indore High Court, after being approached by ADF India allied lawyers, granted bail to the victims. Even though they were finally released, the date for the next hearing has been set for 24th December.  

All through the 109 days when they were behind bars, the Christians continued to demonstrate rock-solid faith. They continue to prayerfully seek justice, and express gratitude to God. They have no doubts whatsoever, that they will be vindicated in court.  

We request your faithful prayers for these Christians so that justice may prevail upon them and the court grants them freedom. We also ask prayers for the lawyers engaged in the matter, for the judges to ensure a just and fair trial, and for the religious extremists who falsely accused them to be healed of hatred and fanaticism. 

We would also request your prayers for other such citizens of our nation who are behind bars right at this moment, for no fault of their own. They have been targeted for their faith and are being persecuted because of it. Please pray that such people find justice and will be freed from baseless accusations.  


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