ADF India, a Christian Ministry advocating for religious freedom and sanctity of life provides pro-bono legal support to advocate for the rights of people to freely live out their faith.


ADF India aims to build a strong alliance of like-minded partners and improve awareness on Freedom of Religion and Belief in the country through various training programmes. These trainings aim to train and equip people to work towards the goal of preserving religious freedom in India.

Regional Conferences

This platform provides a unique opportunity for like-minded partners, lawyers, social activists, church leaders and other reputed civil society members to come together and reflect on the importance of freedom of religion and its correlation with other fundamental freedoms, including the right to freedom of expression and other basic human rights.

Every year, ADF India organizes at least 3 to 4 regional conferences in different regions across India, reaching more than 200 persons.

Community Trainings

Community training are day-long legal awareness workshops to train members of the Christian community including church leaders on Constitutional rights, minority rights and best practices to be exercised in the practice and propagation of their faith.  Every year, ADF India conducts at least 40 community trainings, benefitting more than 2000 persons.


ADF India offers month-long internship programs at its offices across India to applicants who are selected on a competitive basis.

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